Sea Veg® from FarmaSea™ is a seaweed supplement that contains organic vegetarian & vegan Vitamin D, Iodine, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Fucoidan in a unique premium blend of 12 nutrient-rich seaweed and sea plant species. 100% natural organic seaweed supplement is wild harvested. These red, brown and green seaweed and sea plant species live on sunlight and seawater and are sustainably harvested from pristine oceans across the globe. FarmaSea brings you the finest quality blend of nutrient-rich seaweed and sea plants combined into one whole food supplement for optimal wellness.

You’ll find everything from Alpha to Omega® in our FarmaSea® Blend of 12 Whole Sea Plants!

Suggested Use:

Take 3 capsules daily preferably an hour before a meal on an empty stomach, so that the nutrients may better digest in your body!