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MagBlue (90 tablets)

$39.95 USD

  • High-Efficiency Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate Buffered + Wild Organic PurityBlue™ SuperActive Blueberries
  • Supports Over 300 Enzymatic & Biological Functions
  • Supports Your Heart, Brain, Musculoskeletal System, Immune Function & More
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Most magnesium supplements on the market these days are just that — magnesium only. But if you truly want the most out of magnesium for your heart, brain, mood, muscle, and more then you need a high-absorption form and you need to surround it with the right co-factors to maximize the benefits.*

That’s why we created MagBlue — a unique formula that combines high-absorption 100% TRAACS Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate Buffered with an amazing organic, wild blueberry complex we call PurityBlue. Plus, we put in an array of powerful co-factors to round out this high potency formula.

Then we wrapped the whole thing in an amazing new easy-to-swallow technology called SlipTechWith SlipTech, each MagBlue tablet is designed without any harsh edges — and actually becomes slippery when taken with liquid. This is one great innovation in nutritional supplement manufacturing!


Magnesium is an overlooked essential nutrient, often taking a back seat to Vitamin D and Zinc in the health news headlines. However, magnesium is vital for over 300 enzymatic and biological functions, including those that promote healthy immune function, regulate your heartbeat, support bone mineralization, affect your mood, and impact glucose metabolism – so ignoring the need for this vital mineral would be a mistake.* Think of Magnesium as a “cellular governor” for your body—because every cell needs magnesium – including your immune cells!*

  • Unfortunately, between 50% and 80% of people are not getting enough of this vital mineral every day.
  • Modern eating habits (such as a diet too high in refined carbohydrates, soda, and coffee and low on vegetables), along with industrial farming techniques that have depleted the soil of the magnesium content that can be passed on to food, have made getting enough magnesium in your diet difficult.
  • Supplementing with an elite Magnesium formula is essential.


There’s something to be said about adversity helping us to grow stronger, and that is certainly the case for the PurityBlue Blueberries inside MagBlue. Wild, organic, high in antioxidant power and grown in the harsh, high latitude regions of North America, these blueberries experience the hardship of unrelenting sun during summer and then undergo the challenges of frigid temperatures and hard winds in the winter. This inhospitable climate greatly boosts their antioxidant capacity. This leads PurityBlue Blueberries to a hearty flavonoid profile — with MORE Antioxidant power than blueberries grown in lower latitudes. And that means more antioxidant protection for your immune system, along with the amazing ability to support overall wellness and healthy brain function.

  • Tests show that the PurityBlue Blueberries in MagBlue have MORE antioxidant power than ordinary blueberries.
  • This yields key bioactive compounds not found in basic Magnesium formulas.
    • Anthocyanins
    • Flavanols
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin K
    • Manganese

PurityBlue is a beautiful melding of nature with modern science featuring hearty SuperActive blueberries from North America. Unleash the power of Nature with these wild, sustainable, organic blueberries carefully selected and harvested and then processed in a way that locks in their purity, potency, and antioxidant strength!

The first thing to look for in a magnesium supplement is what type of magnesium is being used. When you read at the label of most magnesium products—especially multivitamins—you will see “magnesium oxide” listed. This form of magnesium is cheap and easy to produce—and it also extremely low in bioavailability. In fact, your body only absorbs about 4% of the elemental magnesium available when you use magnesium oxide.

MagBlue, however, utilizes 100% TRAACS Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate Buffered, a highly absorbable, super-efficient and bioavailable form of magnesium that yields 18% elemental magnesium. That’s significantly more bioavailable than ordinary generic magnesium!

Plus, the Magnesium Biglycinate Chelate Buffered in MagBlue is gentle on the stomach and not likely to cause sudden digestive issues like other magnesium forms can.

And because MagBlue is more concentrated than ordinary magnesium that means you get MORE magnesium in fewer pills! That takes the hassle out of supplementing with magnesium.

The science of cellular health demands more than just magnesium – even when it is the highly absorbable Magnesium Biglycinate Chelate Buffered form. Magnesium may be the “governor,” but it works best when supported by the right blend of other vitamins and minerals. That’s why MagBlue incorporates a proper balance of key co-factors to give your body more complete nutritional support!

MagBlue Tablet
  • Magnesium is the central ingredient in MagBlue, providing support for over 300 enzymatic and biological function, including those that affect your immune system, heart, and brain.*
  • Boron teams with Magnesium and Vitamin D inside the joint matrix, and it is also considered a vital brain nutrient.*
  • Zinc helps regulate cell growth and supports a healthy immune system.* MagBlue uses high-absorption 100% TRAACS® Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate.
  • Vitamin D works in concert with Magnesium to support your heart, muscles, and bones.* It is also a key co-factor for healthy immune system response.*
  • PurityBlue Blueberries add extra power for brain support and antioxidant protection.*


It means a more active lifestyle during the day and a better night’s rest when you turn out the lights.

When you’re on the go, MagBlue works to keep your heart pumping, your muscles moving, and your mind vibrant and focused!* And when it’s time to sleep, MagBlue helps you relax, giving you a more satisfying night’s sleep—and energy when the next day dawns!*

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets daily.

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