Stretch marks are purple-red streaky scars that appear on overstretched skin. It is believed that stretch marks are caused from the damaged structure of collagen and elastin in the area which grows quickly.  Around half of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks (striae gravidarum), usually in the third trimester, as the abdominal skin is forced to accommodate the growing uterus. Some pregnant women also develop stretch marks on the breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs.  Another common cause of stretch marks is rapid weight gain or weight loss.   Depending on the skin type, fresh stretch marks can be pink, purple, brown or red. Over time, the stretch marks lose their bright colouring and become silvery, shimmering lines.

      Finale Stretch Mark Removal  Cream  contains natural  ingredients that are known to help remove stretch marks and heal the skin.


  • It reduces stretch mark ridges and discoloration.
  • It prevents  new stretch marks from appearing.
  • It improves and eliminates the appearance of stretch marks.
  • It tones and firms the skin.