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Nervestra (2 ounces)

$44.95 USD

May help:

  • Boost Nerve Function
  • Relieve Nerve Pain
  • Protect And Strengthens Nerve Cells
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Your nerve health is important. Nervestra is a powerful and fast acting nerve support supplement made with a proprietary liquid Xtrac-Tech technology.

Why do we prefer liquid supplements? Capsules need to be digested, Liquids don’t.
Brewed with our proprietary Xtrac-Tech technology, Rejuvica liquid supplements aren’t some mystery powder dissolved in water, and they’re nothing like those chalky gelatin capsules that can be hard to swallow.
Many liquid supplement manufacturers use a boiling hot alcohol-based extraction method, which can damage delicate and beneficial plant alkaloids. But the Xtrac-Tech method carefully macerates and brews our formulas in a constantly circulating, cool extraction medium for a minimum of 36 hours.
This is plenty of time to gently unlock and preserve the powerful botanical constituents that make the formula work. The finished product is potent, easy on the stomach, easy to swallow, and formulated for optimal bioavailability.

Nervestra includes Spirulina – an incredible blue-green algae that many regard as the most nutrient-dense plant on earth. When combined with the blood-flow boosting Tumeric & soothing California Poppy, you may feel like yourself again, fast!*

Ingredients: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Passionflower, Turmeric Root, White Willow Bark, Skullcap Herb, Spirulina, Devils Claw Root


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