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Ultimate Colon Care Formula (60 capsules)

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  • Softens your stools
  • Gets your colon muscles moving
  • Expedites bowel transit time
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Relieve Constipation Fast And Fully Empty Your Bowels With This Exclusive Dual-Action Solution*

Constipation, though often dismissed by conventional medicine, is a serious issue. On top of the pain, discomfort, cramping, gas and bloating it causes, toxins from backed up feces wreak havoc on your health from head-to-toe. Relieve your constipation misery now with this exclusive combination of natural ingredients that give you a complete, dual-action solution by softening your stool and getting your colon muscles moving at the same time.*

True Results:

  • Quickly relieves occasional constipation,ii,iii*
  • Softens your stools fast for painless eliminationiv*
  • Triggers peristalsis, the muscle contractions that move waste out*
  • Promotes regular, complete and satisfying bowel movementsv*
  • Reduces gas, bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort from constipationvi,vii,viii*
  • Helps you tackle even the toughest-to-digest foods*
  • Soothes and supports your whole digestive systemix,x,xi,xii*

How Ultimate Colon Care Formula Works for You

The best conventional medicine or the drugstore shelves can offer for constipation relief is an “either/or” remedy—either a stool softener or something to trigger your colon muscles. The problem is that individually these recommendations only address half the problem. You need something that does both: softens your stool AND triggers peristalsis, the contracting of your colon muscles that actually moves the waste out of your body. Keep in mind that “laxatives” are what promote peristalsis, although most people lump stool softeners and fiber supplements into that category.

Knowing that constipation is such a widespread and serious issue and that so many people continue to suffer, our research team took an in-depth look into the situation. In addition to discovering an alarming lack of solutions that combine both the stool-softening peristalsis-triggering results you need, they discovered something else very interesting…*

A constipation solution so widely accepted no one has studied it for years…*

Most laxatives contain organic compounds called anthraquinones (an-thra-KEY-knowns). They are so widely accepted as what triggers peristalsis—thanks to German Commission E  monographs published decades ago—that no one bothers to conduct clinical trials on them anymore. However, there are multiple sources of anthraquinones, including senna which is one of the most common laxative ingredients you’ll find. But our research team discovered two far better sources of anthroquinones—Aloe ferox and rhubarb root—that give you the complete “family” of this active ingredient.*

We’ve put these two outstanding sources of the entire anthraquinone family together in Ultimate Colon Care Formula, giving you a total solution for ending constipation—a stool softener and laxative all in one!*

A truly complete constipation solution that also promotes overall colon health*

First and foremost, Ultimate Colon Care Formula relieves your constipation quickly and completely. But our research team wanted to make sure we address the overall health of your colon, too, so we included additional ingredients shown to support the ongoing health of your colon:*

  • Bacillus coagulans, a specific probiotic type shown in research to support lower gastrointestinal health.*
  • A unique Digestive Enzyme Blend of amylase, protease, lipase, cellulose, acid protease, and glucoamylase, to help break down sugars, proteins, fats, fiber and other hard-to-digest food compounds.*
  • Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root (DGL), an herb shown to soothe stomach irritation.xiv,xv*
  • Ginger root extract to promote intestinal motility for regularity.*
  • Peppermint leaf, to soothe the muscles of your intestines.*

    Rhubarb root extract triggers greater water absorption in fecal matter and softer stool.*


    Aloe ferox juice is packed with anthraquinones, especially a particular kind called aloin that stimulates colon muscle motility, which helps propel stool through your colon and accelerates transit time.*


    Study results showed that subjects experienced an increase in bowel movement frequency while taking the probiotic, Bacillus coagulans. Also, stool became softer and bowel movements became more normalized for 72% of subjects complaining of diarrhea or constipation.xvi*


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